Placing in the European acquaintance catalogue

What is the European acquaintance catalogue? And how does it differ from a simple acquaintance site? The most important thing is that all the men and women represented on it are clients of respectable European marriage agencies and undergo several major stages of verification.

It remains to start:

  1. Download and fill out the questionnaire, and send it along with your photos to mail, do not forget to specify for how long you want to place the questionnaire.
  2. If your questionnaire is approved, within 3 days you will be interviewed and receive the details for payment.
  3. Make payment for the selected package
  4. The cost is 4200 rubles for six months, 5900 rubles for 12 months

How does it work?

  • half men from Europe view the EUROPEAN CATALOGUE each month. Age group of men is from 38 to 65 years.
  • ll men are registered in our acquaintance service and provide information about themselves.
  • Seeing your profile, a man understands that it was you who he searched for all his life and tells us about it.
  • All questionnaires of interested men you receive on your e-mail. The decision is always yours!


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