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Almost each of us had a dream to marry a foreigner in far 90's, because we are sure the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and frankly, the overseas bride grooms often turned out to be a simple ticket to a better life. Now everything is different. Only those women who understand what they will do in Europe or in distant America want to marry a foreigner. The housewife role does not appeal to them. Our clients are international lawyers, top managers with Oxford and Cambridge education. Russian wives are traditionally valued not because of the myth of their modesty and unpretentiousness, but because they know how to love and appreciate the other, they want to deal with the future of children.

We cooperate with the oldest European acquaintances agencies, the most famous agencies in the US, so our foreign base is a little behind the Russian base. 

Thanks to technological progress, the world has become very small, and the boundaries are very conventional. There is practically no border between our and European culture among educated people.

Do you have a dream to marry a foreigner? Dare! It is enough to call now or order a call through the feedback form.


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