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Europe has a huge number of worthy, but single men. According to statistics in 2017 German has more than fifteen million single people of middle age alone and 80 percent of them are men.

Despite this, the European is struggling to create and secure a family. From so brought up: the family in the first place. In another way, they apply to women's children, I rarely met men from Europe who would be categorically against children. The same applies to age. Men are late thinking about marriage, so if you are about 40, then you are more desirable partner for him than the youth.

Unlike Russia, where international marriage is still a curiosity, in Western European countries such a marriage is normal, and does not bother anyone.

In Russia, if you are over 40, then the chances are close to zero, Europeans under 60 do not consider themselves old, they are set for a long happy life in partnership with their beloved.

It's time to talk about the case. What do we offer? Before you three programs, read carefully the conditions and choose one:


The "European Standard" program

It will suit you if you are already 30 years old, you are looking for a decent middle-class European, and in order for your dream come true you need to understand for yourself

  • As in reality, and not in the cinema live Europeans
  • Why on dating sites where you are registered, do you meet the wrong guys?
  • Where to learn a foreign language for free communication with a potential candidate?
  • You need a person who will help you safely meet in a foreign country, come on a first date and, possibly, stay.

The program is designed for 3 months and will allow you to:

  1. Learn how to adapt in any European country.
  2. Improve your English or another foreign language.
  3. Create the right image that men like in this or that country.
  4. Place your photos and questionnaire in the European catalog and other solid resources.
  5. Meet with those candidates who like you.
  6. With our support, go from the first letter to the first date. 
  7. For the first time see and hear each other on Skype or through another videochat. 
  8. Prepare for the first date with several candidates.
  9. Go on a first date in Europe or meet in your country
  10. To receive as a gift a video course of the head of the international dating agency Svetlana Lemke

The program is called: From the first meeting to the marriage and costs 30 000 rubles.

Format: Group coaching + individual accompaniment.

Business Class Program

It is suitable for successful women who want to find a decent man of their level, but do not have time to search for him, if you:

  • dedicated their entire life to a career
  • well-off financially and live in comfort
  • In Europe, you are on business as well as on vacation
  • make high demands on men
  • children grew up or are with a nanny, or you generally had no time to give birth
  • work from dawn to dusk, so as not to lower the bar of quality of life

This program assumes 4 months of individual interaction at all stages of acquaintance with the foreigner you are looking for and will allow you to:

  1. Determine exactly the country or countries of Europe for the selection of candidates.
  2. Create the image you need to meet a European at your level.
  3. Place the portfolio in the European catalog and in the databases of our partners in the selected country.
  4. With our help, individually select each candidate.
  5. To receive consulting support at all stages of acquaintance.
  6. Go to Europe for a personal acquaintance with men.
  7. Continue to receive personal support for another 2 months after first meeting.

Such a program costs 44,000 rubles (excluding travel).


Format: complete individual accompaniment.

If you have high demands and you want to become the wife of a successful man, you have such an opportunity. Because we have the opportunity to acquaint you with the clients of the best marriage agencies in Europe. No need to pay solitude for success! A successful woman can and should be a happy wife of a worthy husband! I know this by myself.

Program format: Personal online coaching with Svetlana Lemke (the best specialist in international marriages) plus individual support of my Center's partners in one or several European countries.

Successful men also often suffer from loneliness and also look for their own happiness. I will help you make this process oncoming - step by step on the road to happiness.

The duration of the program is from 6 months.

Price: from 1000 Euro. The total cost and duration are determined after the interview.

Dear ladies! After you have stopped on one of the programs, leave your phone in the form below, and we will contact you immediately to set the time for the first consultation!

Reread the life story of Svetlana Lemke! Start acting right now, and you will succeed!

Leave your contacts and we will contact you

This is a simple test

Be honest with yourself! To sleep, the future

  1. You are looking for warmth nearby, but turning around, hug the pillow. You have great sex! When was the last time you had it?
    • A year ago
    • A month ago
    • Yesterday
  2. Do you like flowers? Stupid question, every woman loves flowers! But March 8 is not soon? When was the last time you gave a man flowers?
    • A year ago
    • A month ago
    • Yesterday
  3. How do you spend your vacation? Lying on the beach, enjoying the sun, while your beloved man smears a cream back on you or with the same one as a lonely girlfriend, watching with envy how a man cares for his beloved woman? You earn well, but for some reason, money for yourself again was not enough. Because you have mortgages, repairs and tutors for the child?When was the last time you spent money on yourself and enjoyed it?
    • A year ago
    • A month ago
    • Yesterday
  4. You have free time, but you are drawn to the couch, because you are falling from fatigue, and it seems to you that to go swimming or running is equivalent to another feat. And tomorrow at six to work? When was the last time you rested not for a tick?
    • A year ago
    • A month ago
    • Yesterday


And then what? What will remain of you in a couple of years?

You do not want to have sex even with yourself. If you don’t like yourself, whether others will like you?

You will meet the New Year alone in the hope that Santa Claus will present you some friends through the pipe. It's time to stop believing that once under the tree you will find your beloved man. They are not put under the tree.

Children will grow up and fly away wherever. Yours is waiting for the "devastated nest" syndrome. And the habit of living the lives of children will play with you a bad joke up to the loss of the meaning of life.

Success? Career? And who will appreciate it? And whether this is necessary, if you want to be lonely.

You, naively think you, still a little bit and I will have time to do my personal life. But time appears, and personal life - no. Why? No free men? They are, but your chances are slim. Around full of successful and beautiful single women are much younger than you.Who do you think will be preferred by your peers 40-50 years old?

Who is to blame and what to do? Do it right now! To choose the most important for a woman at all times - personal female happiness!

To assume the responsibility to be happy - this choice has to be done sooner or later to every woman! Write for yourself the best script, you have been going to it for so long!

The history of Svetlana, our partner in Germany

Do you think I was different? At the age of 20, it seemed to me that life was over. I was thrown by a husband with a one-year-old child without means of subsistence. Psychologists then were not fashion, and not for money, to talk about that my life was not finished, there was simply no one with whom. In a word, no one has regretted me then, and I have not regretted myself either. I pushed aside all my desires, literally forgot myself, and turned into flint, no, into an iron lady who can be hammered nails. And they used me, and it hurt. But I told myself - bear it! It would seem that he is a success, very close, and then I rolled back, my unfinished ruin, because he had no foundation. Were there any men in my life? Of course, especially when I was on the crest of a wave! And when I failed, they also gave me a hand and were ready to give my heart. But I was still mortally offended at each of them. Age made itself felt, at some point I was frightened and thought that I would never want anything else.

And I forbade myself to rush and suffer. It was not easy to think about personal life after her complete absence. But I ventured to look for the prince according to the exact plan. At that time, my business was connected with foreign companies, we, naturally, communicated and in an informal atmosphere. I noted for myself that European men were somehow different, they treated their families differently, spoke with children in a different tone. I wanted to have such a family. I told myself, if I do not find a prince in six months, I'll bury myself in business. I found all the dating sites and every night I went to them as a job.After a while he was found. My life has changed, the woman in me has gradually returned. And with her returned the desire to live. My prince named Uwe took responsibility for our relationship, and, without exaggeration, for our life, became a friend and companion to my son! Miracle, you will say. No, I just really wanted to understand where I really am. And I realized - next to my beloved!

Here! New turn!

What is my life now? I am happy and calm for myself and my family. I live in two countries - in winter in Berlin, and in the summer we come to Russia, to our ancient Russian estate Marfino. My husband and I love and deeply respect each other, we have several joint businesses in business. Twenty years ago I decided that I could set an example for those women who want to change their lives once and for all. I opened my own marriage agency, which turned into one of the largest international agencies in the Center for Western Europe "Ost-West-Agentur Svetlana GmbH".

All my dreams came true at once - about traveling to distant lands, self-improvement, a beautiful house and fashionable clothes. My husband protects me from all troubles and crises - external and internal. My identity is not just a value, and put above other values. This is unusual at first, but it's easier to get used to everything good - such relationships have become the norm for me. Out of my life, anxiety, stress and any other stress disappeared. My husband and I do everything we can to confidently look into tomorrow. Once correctly accepted by me decision has led me to happiness.


Leave your contacts and we will contact you

My whole life is crying out to you:

Do not throw a coin, how long do you stand in front of a stumbling block? Even the fact that you are reading this site shows one thing: the pendulum has swung towards a happy life! Hold him in this position, and I will help you. All obstacles are nothing more than a myth in your head! Few men? In Western Europe, the situation is exactly the opposite.



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