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Social status in our time is not an obstacle for acquaintance. The princes marry сinderellas, but, as a rule, they want the princess and vice versa.

Forgive us some irony, but the greatest fear of the rich and successful people in the search for a pair, that they are not used to solve their material problems, other people.

Often it is this kind of experience that makes you choose a couple from your circle, at least not lower in social status and status! As for personal qualities, we did not meet successful people who were not well educated and emotionally mature, ready to come to the rescue and make a person near happy. The same qualities they value in a potential partner.

Our database has more than three hundred public persons whose data we store in strict confidentiality and act in their interests solely on the basis of an agreed plan, understanding all the responsibility that lies with our agency.

We suggest starting our cooperation with the negotiations in our office. Please leave a request in the form below, we will call you back!

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Everything will go according to plan:

  1. We appreciate your time and understand, then every minute counts as a business man. Therefore, we are ready to meet, both in the office and in any place convenient for you, in order to work out an optimal plan for acquaintance. The meeting will not take more than an hour.
  2. After filling out the questionnaire (based on an oral interview with you), do not be afraid, we do not need to write anything and photo sessions (if necessary), we begin selecting potential candidates.
  3. Once you liked one of the proposed candidates, we begin to carefully prepare the meeting, think through the strategy, do not miss the details!
  4. After the meeting you have full information about the impression of the vis-a-vis from the meeting.
  5. If necessary, we’ll repeat 3 and 4 items.

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