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Hello everyone!

My name is Max. And this is my beloved wife, Julia. We have been married during 7 years and now we have a wonderful son.

Photo of Maxim and Julia

How did it start? Of course, from our acquaintance! A professional matchmaker introduced us, it is true, by chance, at the wedding of common acquaintances. We could not imagine then that tens of people of all ages will soon get acquainted with us! Those who know for sure that somewhere on the Earth lives his half and is also looking for, and also hopes, and also is waiting! Those who choose happiness in opposition to loneliness! Those who do not just wait, but act, or rather contribute to their happiness!

Our marriage agency is young, like us, but we already have something to brag about! What's the secret? In the fact that first we collected a huge base of potential suitors and brides. We spent daily evenings in Moscow, including, acquainted girls with foreigners! Dating sites now do not surprise. A lot of them! But the actual base of real people with 90% of which we or our managers met personally - this is an absolutely exclusive story. I can say with certainty that no one has such a base, either in Russia or in Europe. When there is a choice, then you have the soil under your feet, because we acquaint privately, comfortably and, most importantly, safely. We are just confident of the people with whom we are acquainted, because we do not conclude a contract mechanically, but we create a stable reputation for our agency, and this is only possible if you leave us under the crown exactly like those couples whose stories you read below.

The big way starts with the first step. Take this step now. Fill in the feedback form - good luck!As biblical wisdom says: "Seek and ye shall find." And, as the matchmakers like to say: every saucepan must have its own lid. And we will support you along the way.

Sincerely, Maxim and Julia Antonenko, the founders of the marriage agency

Services and prices

There are more than 10,000 candidates in our database. If you read the greeting above, then you know that these are real people, collected by us for several years of purposeful work. Whatever variant of dating you choose, you get access to the entire database for the period of our contract. Of course, we will help to narrow this circle to the very person who needs you. With him you go on your first date. Miracles happen. In our practice it was repeatedly that mutual sympathy and attraction to each other after the first acquaintance turned out to be so great that it was no longer necessary to look at other candidates.

But if you feel the need for a new acquaintance, then again we will offer you several variants of meetings with a person, whose individual qualities and position in society seem to you close and promising, both from the emotional and the everyday aspects.

We love our customers, so the choice is always yours. And now it remains to call Julia by phone and consult, which of the services suits you best.Also the application can be left in the form below, we will immediately call you back and arrange a meeting at a time convenient for you in our office.

You can choose the most convenient option for cooperation with you

We often ask how long it will take to find your person? And you and we sincerely want love to happen at first sight!

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The first date! Oh, how much flutter and romance in this short phrase, how many expectations and exciting feelings!

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Social status in our time is not an obstacle for acquaintance. The princes marry Cinderellas, but, as a rule, they want the princess and vice versa.

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Our couples

It will be much easier to find family happiness, find someone close in spirit and enjoy each other's society, if you seek your soulmate with the help of professionals.

Marriage agency will help you in finding a person who is ideal for you. Thousands of questionnaires of single people, great experience and modern methods of selecting partners allow us to find a pair of even the most demanding customers!

Cyril and Olga
In the marriage agency Married and Happy, I happened to be completely by chance - my friend was looking for a soul mate and advised me to join her. My first acquaintance with the work of the agency seemed interesting - nothing more.However, a week later I was offered to get acquainted with Cyril. No, it was not love at first sight, it was a passionate passion. He just made a good impression on me. And I decided to continue to communicate with the marriage agency in search of interesting men. I did not plan to meet with Kirill. Meanwhile, filling out the questionnaire, I noted for myself guys that I might be interested in communicating with. It turned out that the young people I noticed answered me in kind.

However, I did not set myself the task of making a quick choice. The guys cultivated. Nevertheless, Cyril was very persistent and continued to write to me. We started to communicate, and somehow everything turned out itself: his birthday, a lot of positive emotions, many common interests ... In short, we realized that we want to be together.

In May we went on holiday to Turkey. Then they went to St. Petersburg, visited Latvia. I am convinced that there are no accidents in life, and I am very glad that one day I happened to be accidentally in your marriage agency, where I met the man of my dreams.

The response was written on September 30, 2014.
The wedding was held on January 10, 2015 CONGRATULATIONS!
Eugene and Daria
Hello, the creators and the team!

We would like to express our gratitude for our magic acquaintance in your marriage agency. We are Eugene and Daria. You are the first who managed to take into account the interests of each of us. An hour after we met both of them, it became clear that we are very similar! After leaving the walls of your marriage agency, we continued to communicate, began to meet, and in the beginning of August they played a wedding.Now we are a family!

Thank you for helping to connect lonely hearts!

The comment was answered Thursday, 08 August 2016
Oleg and Natalia

Our meeting took place in December 2013 thanks to the agency Married and Happy. You made us the biggest New Year's gift. In January 2015 we played a wedding. Relations developed rapidly and brightly. We are very pleased to have found each other with your help.

With love, Natalia and Oleg.

The feedback was written on 03/03/2015
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We are always glad to meet new people. We read your stories with enthusiasm and rejoice in your successes. We created a marriage agency in order to make you happier, to give you a peace of mind and present you a soul mate.

We like to get acquainted and acquaint, to find and unite halves, to help in getting relationships even those who have lost the hope to meet their love.

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