Matchmaking and meeting organization

Price: 15 000 rubles

The first date! Oh, how much flutter and romance in this short phrase, how many expectations and exciting feelings!

However, this service is for practical people who love order in life and in relationships, carefully plan their time and appreciate the time of others.

Such certainty is possible, and the service is dictated by the modern way of life of the majority of inhabitants of megacities.

You know with whom, when and where to go next weekend, and this gives you confidence and clarity of direction. Well, when it's counter. This is what meetings are for, and we guarantee them!

It remains only to fill out the application, choose from our database the candidate you like and go on a date right this Saturday!

Leave your contacts and we will contact you

Everything will go according to plan:

  1. We call up to get to know you and listen to your wishes for a partner
  2. You send us your photos via what's app, or in any convenient way
  3. In response, we are sending you a few photos of candidates to choose from, to make sure that we correctly understood your type
  4. We within 2-3 days, send you photos and information about candidates who already know about you and are interested in meeting
  5. After approval of the candidate by you, we exchange your contacts the way you can agree a meeting.
  6. If the meeting for some reason did not take place, we will definitely find an alternative option :)

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