Individual matchmaking within three months

Price: starting from 49 900 rubles.

We are often asked about the time which will be required to find a beloved person. Both you and we sincerely want the love to happen at first sight! But our experience shows that at least at least several potential candidates will need at least two months to meet. After acquaintance with the person, you decide whether you will maintain the relationship and how. We are responsible for the first acquaintance, completely organize for you the first date in a warm and friendly atmosphere, emotionally supporting you, helping with advice, up to choosing the place and time of the first meeting depending on the interests and preferences of the potential partner. If you both love theater or sports, why not meet at the premiere or the match of your favorite team. A relaxed atmosphere, familiar atmosphere gives you a great chance!

Leave your contacts and we will contact you

Everything will go according to plan:

  1. First, we meet with you and conduct an interview. It lasts during no more than an hour.
  2. Then we show you the photos of different candidates and discuss your preferences to understand which type of men or women you like.
  3. Next, we sign up a contract with you, where we fix the requirements for candidates and their minimum number.
  4. We regularly, several times a week, send you via what's app, or in any other convenient way, a photo and a description of the candidates to whom we introduced you and they are ready to meet with you.
  5. If you like the candidate, you have a great opportunity to give each other your contacts (with our mediation).
  6. If you are curious, what impression you made on the candidate, we will give you this information.
  7. Thus, we are always in touch for the contract duration, we’ll consult you on any issues.

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